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1. What If You Could Buy the Best Deals on the Best Terms?

That’s exactly what a small group of smart investors are doing today. They are taking control of their commercial real estate investing, income, and wealth generation by working with sellers who are motivated to sell them money making opportunities.

2. This Course is For You, If You Want...

  • A steady flow of deals that make money
  • To find partners by controlling real, money making opportunities
  • Motivated sellers offering your their deals who know that if you can’t make money buying their deal, they won’t make money selling it to you
  • Confidence knowing that your deals are founded on good old-fashioned common sense
  • Mastery of the numbers, knowing that your numbers are solid using proven investment measure techniques
  • To unlock the massive wealth generation capability of commercial real estate now
There’s one big difference between what you'll learn in “Start with Finding the Deal” and CCIM courses -- our course is written for private commercial real estate investors seeking to source, qualify and acquire commercial real estate investments.
The CCIM courses, which are great — and I speak from personal experience as a certified instructor — do not train the nitty gritty of sourcing deals.  They teach how to analyze them. Analyzing deals is very important, but if you don’t have any to look at, it doesn’t do you much good.
The question for you is: what’s your # 1 priority?  Sourcing or analyzing?
As for my guarantee, it’s unlimited.  If you don’t like the course, let me know and I’ll refund the cost and let you keep your access to the materials.

3. What Would a Good Commercial Real Estate Investing System Do For Me?

It’s not a get rich quick scheme using none of your own money. And it’s definitely not a giant to do list that exhausts you and leaves you wishing you had more time to hang out with your family and friends.

And it’s also not about calling brokers telling them to send you deals. Anyone can do that (and many do, making it harder for you if you follow that track) and usually fail miserably.

I’ve seen many investors quit on their portfolios because they can’t find what they want. They feel like they’re out of the game, can’t get to the back room where all the good deals are, and see commercial real estate as an insider’s game.

The bad news is that it is an insider’s game. The good news is you can make that game work for you, when you understand how to leverage it the right way.

Well, then what IS the right way?

Your system, built right, is a deal sourcing machine that can be run in less than an hour a day (or delegated to an assistant), cost you very little and be fun. There’s just nothing better than getting that call that turns into recurring cash flows and a six or seven figure profit.

It focuses on the 20% that gives you the biggest bang for your buck, not to mention your time (that’s worth something, too, isn’t it?). And the other 80% for those who will continue barking up the wrong trees, buying bad deals, and losing money or at least breaking even in commercial real estate.

4. Will This Course Help Me Beat Other Investors to the Best Deals?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to instant results. I learned the hard way, spent thousands of hours and gobs of money learning, testing, failing and succeeding to discover a system.

What I discovered, though, is that it is possible to dramatically boost the control over your portfolio’s growth if you are willing to learn how to do it right.

It may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. The problem is, how many can really tell you how to in a proven, systematic way?

I started out wanting to be a college professor. I knew my salary would be limited, but I loved the idea of living in a college town, doing research, writing, and investing in real estate to supplement my income. Then I decided to drop out of my doctoral program, move back to Boston, and begin working full time in real estate. I started out investing in residential properties and after a few years ventured into commercial. What a nightmare.

I had no idea what I was doing. There I was, a multilingual, graduate level educated, real estate investor who had no idea how the time value of money worked, no commercial real estate vocabulary, and no one to go to for help. I almost gave up after wasting $30,000 on a failed development deal.

That’s when I realized that I needed help…

  • I needed an education in commercial real estate so I joined the CCIM Institute and completed all of their courses, ultimately being invited to become 1 of 85 instructors worldwide, and
  • I needed access to the market as a credible player. Commercial real estate is a network of successful investors and if they don’t know you, they won’t let you in right away. I had to learn the right things to say and do to get access. It took a few years to trial and error, but once I figured it out, a whole new world opened up for me.

5. Where Did This Course Come From?

This course started out as a live training event that would involve traveling to a sunny destination, sitting in a hotel conference room for 3 days, and then going home to apply what you learned.
The problem was, I didn’t think a 3 day-shot-in-the-arm bootcamp was the way to go. I’d attended many of them myself and found it difficult to transition what I learned when I returned home.

That was the problem. At the end of the day, taking action was difficult, and the costs to attend were so expensive. It just didn’t add up.

I didn’t like the idea of people spending $3,500 with time off of work to attend an event when they could be at home building their portfolio. So I made a change. I decided not to do the bootcamps.

Instead, I took 3 days worth of material and condensed it into 6 hours of a new online, self-paced video training, with a downloadable manual, toolkit, scripts, deal analysis software, and proven letters. I also chose to focus on live small group and one-on-one live coaching to develop meaningful and lasting outcomes.

Many have said that I’m missing the boat by not offering the live format, but I believe people want actionable insights that they can take step by step and apply in pieces versus trying to swallow everything at once. Plus, I was always available for coaching calls, meetings, and the like. That would allow us to spend high value time together working on individual problems, developing high impact solutions.

6. Is This Course Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device?

  • Get immediate access to the entire course–no waiting for the materials to arrive in the mail.
  • Participate from anywhere you want without the cost of leaving work and staying in a hotel.
  • Begin when you want, 24-7-365 and start just minutes after signing up.
  • Take the material step by step at your pace.
  • Save your money for deal sourcing and deal making.
  • Still get live access to me and the experts I use and learn from to run my system.

7. What's Inside the Modules and What Will I Learn?

  • Module 1: Build Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Fast. Set the stage for the launch of your commercial real estate system by identifying your strengths and your weaknesses and then mapping the next steps through the next 9 modules.
  • Module 2: Why Different Wins, Every Time. Learn my quick step method for differentiating yourself as a ‘go-to’ investor while drilling into the 4 critical targets in your portfolio.
  • Module 3: Investment Measures Mastery and Your Financial Target. Learn how to use financial targeting tools that calculate – > gross rent multipliers, capitalization rates, cash-on-cash returns, target cap rates, annualized returns and internal rate of returns. Uncover the right cap rate for you to define your financial target using my Financial Targeting Tool software.
  • Module 4: Leverage Lenders and Owner Financing. Learn how to speak “lender” to get banks and sellers competing to lend you money to do your deals.
  • Module 5: How to Get the Most Out of Commercial Brokers. Learn to sound like a pro when working with brokers, including what not to say.
  • Module 6: How to Use Offline Tactics to Find Motivated Sellers. Learn 3 critical new “old-school” tactics on how to make your phone ring using scripts and letters that generate prospects, including the proven Leads Letter and my favorite $17M Letter.
  • Module 7: How to Use Online Tactics to Find Motivated Sellers. Break through the noise online by targeting and attracting sellers who want to make a deal with you by using 3 key tactics.
  • Module 8: How to Tackle Commercial Foreclosures and REOs. Discover how to explore the world of distressed note buying versus property investing, and how to seek out REO’s and distressed banks that you need you buy from them. Learn how to use one proven online tool to find the banks fast, anywhere in the U.S. Plus, I’ve included a bonus section: tips on how to plan a commercial foreclosure flip.
  • Module 9: How to Qualify the Owner. All roads lead to the seller, whether it’s an individual, company, or bank. Use my 6 step process and psychological FIFA technique to uncover the seller’s real reason for dumping their commercial properties.
  • Module 10: Flip or Hold? A Case Study Together, we complete a step by step deal analysis. Complete a case study for a target acquisition of a commercial property and learn how to use The Deal Analyzer Tool to make the deal profitable.

8. What Else Will I Get Inside the Course?

  • Get the Start with Finding the Deal Online Video
  • The 256 Page PDF Start with Finding the Deal Instructional Manual
  • The Start with Finding the Deal Resources Toolkit
  • The Deal Analyzer Software Tool + Instructional Video
  • The Financial Software Targeting Tool + Instructional Video
  • The $17M Letter Template
  • The “Leads Letter” Template
  • Sample Broker Representation Form
  • Proven Scripts for Talking to Brokers and Owners
  • 5 Week Target Planner/Tracker Tool
  • 6 Hours of Content Packed Video Instruction with Chapter Markers

9. What Are Other Students and Industry Pros Saying?

Get the Tools to Make Deals Happen
“As a commercial property investor I have attended dozens of seminars and purchased numerous coaching programs costing thousands of dollars. The CreInvestEd program actually gives you the tools you need to make deals happen. Jeremy Cyrier has personally coached me on several commercial property purchases over the past 8 years. Jeremy is worth his weight in gold.”
Sal Di Stefano, President, Maine Rental Solutions
Shorten Your Learning Curve and Avoid Mistakes
“Well written, practical course that will shorten the learning curve for real estate investors and assist in avoiding costly mistakes. Plus serves as a useful reference manual. Jeremy Cyrier’s successful experience as an investor, deal maker and nationally recognized instructor is clearly evident throughout the manual.”
Maryann Mize, CCIM with 30 years in community banking
Taught by One of the Best in the Industry
“Start With Finding The Deal is a must for CRE investors. This course provides investors the knowledge, tools and support needed in order to be successful. It was developed and taught by one of the best in the industry. Jeremy Cyrier is a broker, entrepreneur and deal maker. I have known him for many years and there is no one better to help you invest wisely. If making profits is your goal, Start With Finding The Deal is what you need.”
Alex Johnson, CCIM Laurex Realty Founder
Real World Insight and Intelligence Fills in the Gaps
“Jeremy Cyrier fills in the gaps of typical CRE knowledge with true real-world insight and intelligence. He is clear, concise, methodical, and most importantly, you will learn what he is teaching. I find him to be one of the best CRE instructors I’ve had the pleasure to know.”
Lydia Bennett, CCIM, CPM
Get an Unmatched Understanding of the Numbers Behind Commercial Real Estate
“I’ve known Jeremy professionally for over a decade. He’s the first person I ever knew who actually successfully put together one of those “out of state owner financed no/low money down” deals on a big property and actually succeeded. His dedication to the business and to understanding the numbers is unmatched. If you’re in the CRE business and you’re lucky enough to get a few minutes with him, TAKE IT!”
Brecht Palombo, Distressed Pro Founder
“I’ve been through each of the modules now, and have gotten a chance to really look into the financial calculators. I’ve really done a bunch of research in the past, read a TON of books on the subject, listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and audio books, and spent significant time an money on courses, and I honestly have to say that the information that you teach really is top notch. Anyone can find information on Cap rates, IRR, cash on cash, etc, but what I really enjoyed is how you relate it to the specific purchase. The way it was presented really makes it “fool-proof”, and the way that the message and information was delivered made it easily digestible. Personally, I feel I’m at the point that i need “real world learning” instead of books…. action instead of gathering more knowledge. With that being said, and admittedly reading maybe too much on the subject, I picked up some great ideas and gathered a ton of knowledge on the subject of CRE. I was really excited to get a hold of some new information. I really liked how the workbook coincides with the modules, and liked the idea of “homework.” I especially like how i can see the video and slides on my iPad. That made a big difference, as far as ease of viewing. ”
Jesse Andrews
“Your course has helped me analyze potential investments and make sure I have the numbers covered to make a good presentation. Although I have a basic knowledge of cash on cash, cap rates, etc., I find your explanations easy to understand and now have material to refer to when my memory needs a jog. I’m a big fan of the financial analyzer tool! So much better than my HP financial calculator! ”
Bill Meritt, S&S Property Management

10. What If I Don't Like It? Can I Get a Refund?

If you don’t make money, I don’t make money. I strive to deliver 20 times the value of the tuition for my material, because I want you to become a fan. Which pleases me because I want you to say good things about this training and how valuable the content was. It’s worth a lot to me.

I care a lot about my reputation in commercial real estate. I remember when I became a CCIM Instructor, then President Charles Mac McClure III said to me, “You are among the best of the best. You are held to a higher standard and are expected to live by it.” This means everything to me and I have a lot of incentive to delight you and exceed your expectations.

But, I don’t want you to risk any money on my system.

So here’s what I’ve done. Register today and explore your options. When you do, you get instant online access to the course content and can start right away or at a time of your convenience. If for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with the material, simply email me at Support@CreInvestEd.com and I will refund 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Of course, you can download the material and keep it.

Does that sound fair to you?

If you are agreeing with me and thinking to yourself, “how can I not give it a shot?”

I’ve got to let you know that you can click the button below, sign up, and pay for your course.

11. How Do I Get Started?

Step 1 – Decide on the best option that suits your needs.

Step 2 - Click on the sign up button below

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Step 4 - Within seconds, we confirm your registration and provide you with the 3 course options. Click on the option you want and complete the shopping cart check out.

Step 5 – You will have instant online access to the course and may begin the material immediately. IF YOU CHOOSE TO UPGRADE FOR MORE CONTENT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT TOWARD THE NEXT LEVEL.